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A Great Day for a Haircut - Cut Scene Grand Opening

Friends and family joined Landon Saldana for the ribbon cutting and grand opening of his barber shop at 10 AM on Saturday, August 20th at 89 W Center St.

Landon, Kristina, and Pat Guerrero as the ribbon was parted at The Cut Scene. Dug the shop dog reclines nearby.

Landon was joined by his dad, Jerry Saldana, his brother Ashton Saldana, and his girlfriend Kristina Guadalupe, all of whom have barber's licenses. Jerry says, "We're a barbering family," going on to add, "We have locations in Las Vegas and Henderson, NV. Landon decided to bring us up here because he's a climber."

Brent Chamberlain and Celeste Meyeres offer words of welcome at the ribbon cutting.

The entire board of the Kanab Area Chamber of Commerce were on hand for the event, as well as Commissioner Brent Chamberlain from the Kane County Commission, Celeste Meyeres from Kanab City Council, and Kyler Ludwig, Kanab City Manager.

Shop dogs Dug and Rosie attended the event, as well, and Landon and Ashton had customers in chairs just minutes after opening.

Congratulations to Landon and Kanab's newest barber shop - be sure to stop by and say hello!


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