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Ribbon Cutting at Kane County Hospital

A cheerful crowd gathered at 300 North on Tuesday, May 21st, to celebrate the opening of Kane County Hospital's new Behavioral Services building.

Kanab Area Chamber of Commerce vice president Ron Thomas welcomed everyone and thanked them for coming, bringing out the chamber's famous giant scissors for the critical moment. KCH CEO Kurt Loveless thanked the community for their support.

The remodeled Kane County Hospital Behavioral Services Building will be home to the Senior Life Solutions program, designed to meet the unique mental health needs of adults typically 65 and older who may be experiencing any of the following: acting as a caregiver, chronic health conditions, decreased energy, difficulty sleeping or eating, feeling lonely or isolated, feelings of uncertainty and worry, life transitions, loss of a loved one or a pet, loss of interest, or recent health diagnosis. Group, individual, and family therapy from a licensed therapist provide tools to process loss of independence, loved ones, and other life changes associated with aging.

Anyone can refer an individual to the program, including physicians, family members, self-referrals, or other healthcare professionals. If you or someone you know could benefit from this program, please contact the Kane County Hospital’s Senior Life Solutions as (435) 644-4182.

Congratulations, Kane County Hospital!


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